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What I Do

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Viral RNA Detection-

Detection of viral RNA by ultrasensitive quantitative RT-PCR (QRT-PCR). Viral targets include:


* Simultaneous quantification of wild-type SIV and nef deletion mutants

* Cytomegalovirus (from rhesus and cynomolgus macaques)

* Influenza viruses

* Yellow fever virus 17D

* Simian artery viruses.

Production of characterized virus stocks

Production of characterized virus stocks:
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the season:

* Production of custom SIV mutants

* Isolation of nonhuman primate viruses in tissue culture

* Allergy and immunology treatments

* Assays to measure the latent reservoir of SIV

* Pediatric Viral Detection and Immunology.



Viral Research & Testing

I provide consultancy and experimental services 
specializing in virus research;

* I combine world-leading expertise, instruments, and technologies to help deliver drug and vaccine discoveries.

* I test the antiviral activity of surfaces, textiles, and disinfectants for industry.


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Committed to providing the highest quality of care for my patients.

My work research focuses on developing new treatments and vaccines for viral infections, and I offer educational services through presentations and workshops aimed at increasing awareness of viral diseases and prevention strategies.

Specialised Support Service & antiviral medications

Developing new treatments and vaccines

The Three Stages of a Disease

Research and Workshops

Advancing the field of virology through research and education.

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Dr. Becky Alisa Arvid  is a highly accomplished virologist dedicated to advancing our understanding of infectious diseases and developing innovative solutions for global health challenges. With a proven track record of impactful research and clinical expertise, she brings a wealth of knowledge to the field.

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As a compassionate healthcare provider, Dr. Becky Alisa Arvid has treated countless patients with infectious diseases, demonstrating her commitment to patient care and public health. She has also been actively involved in community outreach programs, educating the public about viral infections and prevention strategies.

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Conducting research and providing educational resources to the public and healthcare professionals.

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