My Portfolio

My Portfolio

Meet The Specialist

Dr. Becky Alisa Arvid  is a highly accomplished virologist dedicated to advancing and understanding of infectious diseases and developing innovative solutions for global health challenges. With a proven track record of impactful research and clinical expertise, she brings a wealth of knowledge to the field.

With an amazing educational journey! I laid a strong foundation at Dublin City University in Ireland, earning a Bachelor of Science in Biology. This has been an exciting time of exploration and learning about the wonders of life.

But i didn’t stop there! I took my passion for biology to the next level by pursuing a Master’s Degree in Virology at the University of Glasgow in the United Kingdom.  My research has been published in prestigious scientific journals and has been instrumental in unraveling the complexities of viral pathogenesis.

As a compassionate healthcare provider, Dr. Becky Alisa Arvid has treated countless patients with infectious diseases, demonstrating her commitment to patient care and public health. She has also been actively involved in community outreach programs, educating the public about viral infections and prevention strategies.

Her contributions to the field of virology have not gone unnoticed, as she has received numerous awards and honors. Dr. Becky Alisa Arvid continues to be a driving force in the fight against infectious diseases, with a vision of creating a healthier and safer world for all.


Past Experiences:

  1. Worked with Amgen pharmaceutical company as a medical laboratory technician for ( internship ) back in 1998. 
  2. Worked with GSK ( on-site ) as a research biologist back in 1999.
  3. Worked with Johnson and Johnson as research microbiologist in the UK  back in 2009.
Current Job:

Currently, I am employed at Sanofi, a Global Pharmaceutical Company known for its dedication to improving human health. I work as a Freelancer. My role at Sanofi involves contributing to various projects that aim to make a positive impact on healthcare and patients lives.

In addition to my role at Sanofi, I am also engaged in a Vaccine Research project with United States Defense Health Agency located in the vibrant state of Virginia. This medical project is an exciting venture that presents opportunities for growth and innovation within the healthcare community.

I am actively involved in its development and execution, leveraging my knowledge and experience to contribute to its success.