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Dr. Becky Alisa Arvid

Dr. Becky Alisa Arvid is a virologist who studies viruses, which are infectious agents that can cause a wide range of diseases in humans, animals, and plants. As a virologist.

Dr. Becky Alisa Arvid conducts research to understand the biology of viruses, how they infect cells, propagate, and spread.
She uses a range of techniques such as microscopy, genetic sequencing, and cell culture to study viruses and their interactions with their hosts.

Doctor Becky Alisa Arvid’s work involves isolating, culturing, and characterizing viruses to better understand their pathogenicity and develop vaccines or antiviral drugs to combat infections.


I am Becky Alisa Arvid, originally born in Rasos, Vilnius, Lithuania and later migrated to United States. I have a strong educational foundation with a Bachelor of Science under Biology from Dublin City University in Ireland. And a Master’s degree in Virology from University of Glasgow, United Kingdom.

Career Path: Currently, I am employed at Sanofi, a Global Pharmaceutical Company known for its dedication to improving human health, I work as a Freelancer. My role at Sanofi involves contributing to various projects that aim to make a positive impact on healthcare and patients lives.

Medical Project in the United States: In addition to my role at Sanofi, I am also engaged in a Vaccine Research project with United States Defense Health Agency located in the vibrant state of Virginia. This medical project is an exciting venture that presents opportunities for growth and innovation within the healthcare community. I am actively involved in its development and execution, leveraging my knowledge and experience to contribute to its success. I am passionate about driving positive change and innovation in both my professional and entrepreneurial pursuits.


I have an amazing educational journey! I laid a strong foundation at Dublin City University in Ireland, earning a Bachelor of Science in Biology. This has been an exciting time of exploration and learning about the wonders of life. But i didn’t stop there! I took my passion for biology to the next level by pursuing a Master’s Degree in Virology at the University of Glasgow in the United Kingdom.

This specialized field has allowed me to dive deep into the fascinating world of viruses and their impact on living organisms and humans.

My dedication to expanding my knowledge and expertise in the field of biology is truly commendable. My educational achievements have undoubtedly provided me with a solid foundation for my future endeavors. I keep shining bright and making a difference in the world of science!

I began my academic journey at Dublin City University in Ireland, where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology. This foundational step allowed me to delve into the captivating realm of life sciences.

However, my commitment to the field didn’t end there. I furthered my passion for biology by pursuing a Master’s Degree in Virology at the University of Glasgow in the United Kingdom. This specialized program enabled me to immerse myself in the intricate world of viruses and their profound effects on living organisms and human health.

My unwavering dedication to expanding my knowledge and expertise in biology remains a driving force in my academic pursuits. I am confident that these educational accomplishments have provided me with a robust platform for my future endeavors, as I continue to illuminate the scientific landscape with my contributions.


As a compassionate healthcare provider, Dr. Becky Alisa Arvid has treated countless patients with infectious diseases, demonstrating her commitment to patient care and public health. She has also been actively involved in community outreach programs, educating the public about viral infections and prevention strategies.

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