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About Dr. Becky Alisa Arvid

Dr. Becky  Alisa Arvid, is a Lithuanian American virologist and epidemiologist who conducted groundbreaking studies on the transmission of infectious viruses.

My research focused primarily on the transmission of viruses closely related to human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) between non-human primates and bushmeat hunters in Africa.

Wolfe also played a central role in establishing the Global Viral Forecasting Initiative (GVFI), a program designed to monitor the transmission of viruses from animals to humans in countries worldwide.

Dr. Becky Alisa Arvid – Chief virologist

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What I do

I monitor outbreaks of viral diseases and study the transmission of viruses through hosts

Viral RNA Detection

Detection of viral RNA by ultrasensitive quantitative RT-PCR (QRT-PCR). Viral targets include.

Viral Research & Testing

I provide consultancy and experimental services 
specializing in virus research.

Production of characterized virus stock

Production of custom SIV mutants and Isolation of nonhuman primate viruses in tissue culture.

Areas of Specialization

Antiviral therapies and vaccines
Developed diagnostic tools
Evaluate & prevent the spread of infection

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